It was a dark and stormy night…

(with apologies to Sam Spade and Snoopy)

Dark and Stormy Night

I have ordered an iMac for myself for Christmas. It was not exactly for Christmas, at least it did not start out that way.

I was working on my main photo editing system when it shut down, went to sleep and would not awake. I had to pull the plug, take it off life support and then resurrect it. It seemed to revivify and I thought that it was an anomaly that I had successfully dealt with. Not so. Again it went to sleep. I investigated and probed and researched and came up with some proposed treatments which I applied and it seemed that I had recovered and restored my system to good health. I used it for a bit, ran a few tests, and it remained alert and active until I put it to sleep for the night and retired.

The next day I discovered that I had been optimistic in my diagnosis and evaluation and prognosis. After working for about an hour on the system, it died (went to sleep) again and could not be awakened. After “pulling the plug” and revivifying the system again, I shut it down and took it to the emergency room where it was admitted for further tests. I am still awaiting the outcome of those tests.

In the meantime, I convinced myself that the case was hopeless. If the system failure was due to fatigue and aging and mechanical failure, then I would need to move on with a new system. I was not interested in any kind of transplant even if that should prove to be an option. The second path would be that of a virus from which the system might recover. However, after having dealt with the poor health and hypochondria of viruses, real and imagined, and the threat of infestation and infection and the nefarious activities of Trojans and spies and all around general malware, it seemed good to move to a virus free environment.

That reasoning led me to realize that both paths resulted in the same destination. As such, there was no need for further delay, for both paths called for the same action. So, without that delay, or any other, I pulled the trigger (clicked the button) and ordered a new iMac.

It happens to be Christmas season and the new system is scheduled to be here by the 24th. That makes it my Christmas present for myself.

I have considered this move for a long time but never really thought that I would make the move because of previous investments and the perceived high cost of entry into this world. All of the positive feedback and glowing endorsements through the years have finally convinced me to make the plunge and I have done so. I am very excited about this purchase and trust that the user experience will justify the cost.


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